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Much Better Jobs Video on BizCloud

The Much Better Jobs website was developed to provide a proactive method which shortens the time it takes to gain new employment.  New procedures were researched and completely developed which allow a job seeker to find and apply to hidden job opportunities.  These jobs have much less competition than the hundreds or even thousands of applicants for […]

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Hosted Exchange and Advantages of Email Hosting

Email hosting

Email is the main tool for both external and internal communication of any company. When it comes to smaller companies, they often have a lack of financial as well as technical resources to deal with complicated in house e-mail systems which is the main reason why email hosting comes as the most practical solution for […]

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The Art of Franchising

It is a grim reality that more and more people are losing their jobs every day, and that there are no attractive job opportunities waiting for them. The options for those people are either to start their own business or buy a franchise. Franchisers argue that their proven business model offers people a bigger chance […]

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Maximizing the Value of Your Business

There are several strategies to build a better company and increase its value. The overall value of a business is generally determined as a function of your earning and financial position and the inherent strength of your business. It is a common issue that two businesses with similar financial profiles are for sale on a […]

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Keep Your Employees Motivated During the Recession

The economy is in a slump, and by the looks of it, it is going to stay that way for some time. Uncertainty can shake even the savviest entrepreneurs; only with patience and well calculated management can they keep their calm and not put their business operation at risk.

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Benefits of SaaS for Small Business

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a software model provided  by the vendor, typically on a subscription basis and is delivered through an online service. For a small business, costs of buying a software they need to perform various tasks can be very overwhelming. With SaaS, vendor makes the required software available to a […]

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Summary of Obama's State of the Union Address: New Initiatives to Benefit Small Business

President Obama

During his first State of the Union address, President Obama outlined several key initiatives aimed at supporting the growth of small business in the States. Among the proposals he made that would help small business community were a new jobs bill, and taking $30 billion from the Wall Street bailout to help community banks increase […]

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How Small Businesses Can Turn the Economic Crisis to Their Advantage

The global market has been affected by the recent financial crisis, especially Big Companies.  But what about Small Businesses?  Have you stopped by your favorite store to see how many customers are shopping there?  Well, most of us are more worried about what we hear in the news than what we have actually seen with […]

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How to Green Your Business Communication

There are many cost-effective ways to make your business more environmentally friendly, you just need to determine what green practices can be easily implemented in your business and choose the right technology. For example, running a paperless office quickly gained popularity among businesses that are looking to reduce their impact on the environment. It is […]

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Top 10 Green Business Tips

Green Certification for Retial Establishments

Making your business operations more environmentally friendly is not such a hard task if you start with making minor changes and than gradually get to the more radical ones. Greening your business step by step will help preserve the environment and show your concern about the health and safety of your workers and a desire […]

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