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BizCloud® Network | July 24, 2014

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Posts By marijana

A Complete Guide to Google+ B2B Marketing: Infographic

July 21, 2014 |

Learn how to become an influential member of the community and reap the rewards of having a more visible social profile by making Google+ a part of your social media game plan.Read More

Rackspace Launches Managed Cloud Services

July 17, 2014 |

Cloud services provider Rackspace has rolled out a new managed cloud strategy to sharpen its competitive edge in the cloud hosting market. Read More

Apple Inks Landmark Partnership with IBM to Tackle Enterprise Market

July 16, 2014 |

Technology industry’s behemoths Apple and IBM are partnering to develop a new class of business applications for iPhone and iPad, as well as IBM cloud services for Apple’s iOS, hoping to transform the enterprise mobility space. Read More

What’s New in Microsoft Azure Cloud

July 15, 2014 |

Microsoft announced several new features for its Azure cloud computing platform last week. The major highlights of the latest update include the launch of two new Azure regions, and the launch of Microsoft Azure StorSimple 8000 series hybrid storage arrays. Read More

Maximize Your Business With a Cloud Contact Center

July 11, 2014 |

By managing customer service connectivity in the cloud, companies have the ability to track how employees connect with customer callers and improve overall productivity. Read More

New Study Shows Growing Interest in Hybrid Cloud Solutions among Enterprises

July 8, 2014 |

According to a recent report by Tech Pro Research titled “Hybrid Cloud: Benefits, roadblocks, favored vendors,” enterprises are increasingly looking at hybrid cloud model as this approach allows them to leverage the benefits of both public and private clouds. Read More

IDC Report: Amazon and Salesforce Take the Lion’s Share of Public Cloud Services Market

July 7, 2014 |

According to the latest report by IDC, the global revenue from public cloud services reached $45.7 billion in 2013. The research firm says cloud services will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 23 percent over the next five years. Read More

How to Protect your Server Against the Heartbleed OpenSSL Vulnerability

July 4, 2014 |

Considering the extent to which Heartbleed affected the World Wide Web, it is of major importance for all webmasters to protect their servers and ensure that all web-based apps they use are safe from Heartbleed.Read More

Google Rolls Out Cloud Dataflow to Help Developers Create and Optimize Data Pipelines

June 26, 2014 |

Cloud Dataflow is a fully managed service that enables developers to create complex data pipelines to help them ingest, transform and analyze data in both batch and streaming modes.Read More

Red Hat Releases Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

June 10, 2014 |

Red Hat, Inc. today released the 7.0 version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The open source solutions provider said that it is raising the bar for enterprise IT infrastructure with the latest release of its enterprise Linux distribution.Read More

Marketing Tips to Promote Your App (Without Hiring Expensive PR People)

June 6, 2014 |

Before you hire an agency or marketing guru to get your app noticed, promote it yourself for free. We’ve compiled some of the best marketing tips that will help your app get noticed.Read More

BizCloud Retains Pasky IP as Lead Counsel in Trademark Infringement Case against CSC

June 6, 2014 |

BizCloud, Inc., a cloud computing and infrastructure provider, announced today that it has retained Pasky IP Law LLC, a prominent intellectual property law firm, to represent the company in its trademark infringement case against Computer Science Corporation (CSC), AT&T Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., VMware Inc., and EMC.Read More

NTT Com Launches Industry’s First Cloud Networking Services with Instant Self-Service Activation

May 30, 2014 |

Eliminates industry limitations of long service delivery & long-term contracts by leveraging SDN and NFV platform on a global scaleRead More

BizCloud Announces Redesign of Featuring Cloud Computing, Big Data & Enterprise Tech Content

May 27, 2014 |

BizCloud Network the definitive news source for all things relating to Cloud Computing, Big Data and Enterprise Technology Read More

U.S. State Regulators Working on Bitcoin Rule-Book

May 20, 2014 |

The number of U.S. companies accepting virtual currencies as a form of payment is growing, but since bitcoins are not regulated by the federal government, users face a labyrinth of rules in the 50 states.Read More

SAP to Obtain Azure Cloud Certification

May 19, 2014 |

After shedding its top cloud chief and announcing that the German software giant would be laying off a couple thousand employees, SAP has seemingly bounced back and decided to move forward with its cloud strategy. Part of that strategy is getting its flagship business apps certified for Microsoft’s cloud. Read More

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