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Box Announces Partnership with Intel and Three New Security Features

Cloud Storage provider Box has announced a partnership with Intel and three new security features that should make file sharing over cloud allot easier for end users, while giving IT admins more visibility and control.

Cloud environment offers easy and fast file sharing which can really help company’s productivity. On the other hand, many admins are concerned about data security in the cloud. Taking into consideration an increasing need for secure sharing by their clients, the first update Box is implementing is Smart Shared Links. With enhanced security permissions on their grab and share (‘smart’) link feature, Box made it easy to set permissions to particular content. Now IT administrators have full control over what link receiver can do with the link. For instance, they can restrict it so it opens only for, let’s say, company domain or collaborators within a specific folder, with ability to disable the link completely if it becomes compromised in any way.

According to Gartner, smart phones and tablets will account for 90% of device adoption growth in the next four years, Box says in a blog post. Enterprises are embracing bring-your-own-device policy enabling employees to work from different devices, including tablets and smartphones. This brings up a question of security and access permission which is why Box updated their Trusted Access Management feature. The update will let IT admins track all logins, monitor all activities, and restrict number of devices employee can use from particular user ID.

As their third update Box introduced Group Active Directory Synchronization, making transition to Box very simple. Admins can add or remove users, create new groups and chose to have their Active Directory groups be automatically populated within Box.

The company also announced partnership with Intel that should simplify management, user permissions and group access through SSO (single sign-on) which eliminates the need for additional authentication. The goal of all these updates is to make Box cloud environment allot more secure, while keeping file sharing easy for the end users. Providing storage solution for 82% of Fortune 500 only speaks in their favor.

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