BizCloud® Announces “We Are Not CSC”

BizCloud® is a registered trademark in the US. And for the past 17 months CSC has been on notice of its continued disregard for US and international trademark laws in its continued willful infringement on our registered mark. BizCloud® customers and partners have been confused by the use of BizCloud® Registered trademark by Computer Science Corporation (CSC) This confusion has resulted in wrongful association of the good name and brand of BizCloud® with the questionable business practices that CSC has under taken across the globe.

BizCloud® brand demonstrates the good faith of the company by providing cloud computing products and services to business community. In addition BizCloud has performed valuable work with various human rights organizations and Non-Government Organizations. “The organizational values of BizCloud® are fundamentally different then an organization like CSC,” said, Vahid Razavi BizCloud® Evangelist.  “BizCloud® brand has been built on promoting cloud computing and technology services to various non-profit organizations that help local communities and small and midsized businesses adopt cloud computing.  Currently BizCloud® is working with Non-Government Organizations in protecting the privacy of citizens from government legislation such as CISPA, SOPA  & ACTA.”
On the first day of its launch of CSC BizCloud®, in February of 2011, the BizCloud® management team notified CSC that it has infringed on its registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. CSC disregarded the BizCloud® legal notice and has continued to willfully damage our registered mark.  BizCloud® will continue to seek all legal options to protect its brand.


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