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Google+ Traffic Increased by 1269% in a Week

Google+ opened to the public last week with slew of new features. Since then, Google’s social network experienced significant growth, both in terms of traffic and user base.

According to a market research company Experian Hitwise, Google+ market share of visits increased by 1,269% last week, receiving 15 million US visits, mobile traffic excluded. Google+ climbed on the 8th spot in Experian Hitwise’s list of most visited social networking sites last week, up from 54th spot it held previously. Google+ ranked behind MySpace and LinkedIn, while Facebook topped the list receiving 1.76 billion visits and accounting for 64.85% of market share of visits.

When it comes to Google+ user base, analyst Paul Allen has estimated that the social network’s user base has likely reached 50 million. He also said that since it opened to the public, Google+ has been adding 2 million new users a day.

According to Experian, the latest data shows a quick evolution of Google+`s audience composition from its launch in early July, depicting how rapidly the cycle from “innovator” and “early adopter” to “early majority” and “late majority” can occur.

Even though “early adopters” still account for a large share of Google+ traffic, the audience profile has shifted in the last week and now includes lower to middle income groups. This may be an indicator that Google+ is shifting into the ‘early majority’ stage, Hitwise said in a blog post.

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