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How to Earn More Money from Your Website

Your company website can be a tool for generating additional revenue for your business. There are several ways your website can bring extra funds, such as signing up with one of the advertising networks, through affiliate marketing, and more. Here are some of the most popular and most effective ways to get more money from your website:

Advertising networks are among simplest ways to make money with your website. When you sign up with an advertising network, you will paste some codes on your website. The advertising network will then give ads relevant for your site and you will earn a certain amount of money for every click-through/impression. If this type of advertising will pay off depends largely on the traffic of your website. More visitors to your site equals more earnings.

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to make money with your website. Your website will basically sell products for a merchant in exchange for a commission which you’ll receive when a visitor you have referred to advertiser’s website buys something. Commissions usually range somewhere between 10-30% of the sale.

Paid content. In order to generate revenue from the content on your website you have to have some sort of exclusive content/ information that readers can not find anywhere else. If you are an expert in your industry or niche, you could, for example, charge for reports you write on your industry. If you want readers to pay for your content, you need to limit the access to this content on your site and provide log-ins to readers who subscribe. You should set up a reasonable subscription fee and arrange for the payment to be done via e-commerce.

Optimize your Ad Placement. Placement of adds on your website plays an important role in generating money from those adds. The best way to find out where to place your adds so that you get the most earning from them is to try different ad formats and placements on your website and monitor your click-through rates and ad earnings. In time this practice should show you where to best place your ads for highest earnings.

Direct Banner Advertising is one of the best ways to make money from your website. You can sell your advertising space for the price that you decide on, and you earn 100% of profit for your adds. But to really earn money from this method your website has to have lots of traffic in order to attract qualified advertisers. To show to potential advertisers that your website is getting a good number of visitors on a daily basis, you can make a “Advertise with us” page displaying details around banners, and list the prices.

Sponsored Reviews. There are several sponsored reviews marketplaces online where you can join and review their advertisers products/services. Those who have a blog with a high traffic rank also have an option to offer sponsored reviews directly. Sponsored reviews that differ significantly from the topic of your blog are of no use to your readers and could drive them away. So, before you start to publish sponsored reviews make sure that they are appropriate for your blog and your readers.

In-text Adverting. In-text adverting networks  place sponsored links inside your text. These links are underlined twice in order to differentiate from normal links in your text. When users hover over the link the advertising will pop up. You will get a small fee out of the link if the user clicks on it and visits the advertiser’s site. The reason why some people decide not to use this method is because of its intrusiveness.

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