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Joyent’s Cloud Infrastructure Consistently Outperforms Amazon’s EC2 in Independent Benchmarks

Third party tests comparing Joyent’s and Amazon’s cloud servers highlight Joyent’s speed, performance and technical innovation

Joyent, the leading global provider of cloud computing solutions and technologies, today announced a series of third party benchmark results that demonstrate that its cloud services are faster and make more efficient use of cloud infrastructure than do Amazon’s EC2 services.

The IMS Company, an independent systems engineering and software development provider, performed a series of Memory Input/Output (I/O), CPU, and Disk Input/Output (I/O) tests to compare the performance of Joyent SmartMachines, Windows Virtual Machines, and Linux Virtual Machines to Amazon EC2 servers of similar specifications during the second half of 2010 and early 2011. The IMS tests closely followed benchmark procedures performed by CloudHarmony that excluded Joyent in 2010.

Test results show that Joyent SmartMachines, Windows Virtual Machines and Linux Virtual Machines outperform nearly all of Amazon EC2 servers. Noteworthy measurements show that Joyent SmartMachine’s disk I/O is up to 14 times faster than Amazon EC2’s, the Joyent Linux Virtual Machine CPU is up to five times faster than Amazon EC2’s, and Joyent Windows Virtual Machine disk I/O is up to four times faster than a similar Amazon EC2 server.

“Most people have resigned themselves to painfully slow disk I/O in the cloud,” said Mark Mayo, CTO of Joyent. “But these results demonstrate that they don’t have to settle for mediocrity. Joyent’s cloud architecture uses lightweight virtualization that doesn’t impose overhead on I/O, so SmartMachines are as much as 14 times faster than Amazon’s EC2 machines.”

Joyent’s approach to virtualization is significantly more efficient than that of legacy virtualization providers. Because Joyent does not virtualize hardware and instead virtualizes the cloud operating system, fewer resources are used, enabling faster I/O and CPU response times. In this way, users of Joyent cloud services don’t have to compromise to get the full benefits of the cloud.

To read the benchmark methodology and results in detail, please visit

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