European Parliament committee recommends ‘NO’ vote on ACTA

A huge blow was delivered today to the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), as the International Trade Committee (INTA) recommended that the European Parliament reject the dangerous treaty in its upcoming vote on July 3.
While some were hoping to delay the final vote, the Committee voted to reject the agreement, 19 to 12. Today’s decision now marks the fifth straight committee that has recommended a “No” vote on ACTA.

“By recommending the rejection of ACTA, the INTA committee today has said yes to democracy and fundamental rights”, said Raegan MacDonald, Senior Policy Analyst at Access. “This is a crucial step forward in this long fight, and now we’re closer than ever to burying this agreement once and for all.”

Only a few months ago, this outcome seemed unthinkable. But today we saw that MEPs listened to the thousands of European citizens who took to the streets and made their voices heard, demanding Parliament rejects ACTA.

“The movement against ACTA has been a defining moment for the future of the open and universal internet,” MacDonald said. “We’re very excited about today’s decision, but it’s not over yet. Access will continue to work up until the very last hour until there is no more ACTA left.”


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