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Profitable Green Business Ideas


If you are thinking of starting your own small business, consider making it a green one as it offers great advantages. Growing market for green products and services is a strong indicator that environmentalism is here to stay, so you will be starting a business that targets a market in expansion. On the other hand, starting a green business can bring double satisfaction, you can be your own boss earning a good living, and also contribute to preservation of the environment. Just like starting any other type of business, you have to explore all the possibilities and narrow the list of things you can do based on your education, work experience, demand for the product/service you would be offering in your local community and wider, etc. Almost every small business can be made green, but it is much easier to start green. If you are wondering what green small business ideas are currently popular and can be developed in a viable business, here are few interesting suggestions.

  • As the number of green companies increases, and the market itself becomes intensively competitive, the demand for Green Marketing Experts grows. As a green marketing expert you would be helping green companies to develop marketing strategies aimed at improving their reputation and brand awareness among consumers.
  • More and more companies are looking to go green but often have no idea where to start. Many small and midsized companies that want to become more sustainable are in need of Green Business Consultant to help them in taking the steps necessary to become green. New green businesses need assistance in creating a business plan, financing, marketing, etc. You can help businesses reduce waste, use resources more effectively and improve their bottom line; or you can specialize in environmental regulations and help businesses comply.
  • Recycled Furniture offers many possibilities for craftsman and retailers. You can redesign old wooden furniture, or use recycled glass and old plastic to make new peaces of furniture. This is a great opportunity for creative people as the materials are very available. If you don’t posses skills necessary for designing and producing green furniture, think about selling it.

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  • Green advertising agency. It is very important for green companies to send the right message to their target groups, as many consumers are becoming skeptical because of the companies that usegreenwashing as their marketing technique. A green advertising agency can start as a small business that targets local companies, and at the same time has a great potential for growth.
  • Green finance brokers assist green small businesses to get financing from sources such as venture capitalists, banks, angel investors, etc. There is also a possibility to  match green business owners with large companies that are looking to invest money in new business ideas.
  • Green building offers good business possibilities to companies that do construction work, architects and designers. As an example, if you are a designer, you can focus on  eco-friendly materials.
  • Green Remodeling is getting as popular as green building. If you decide to start a  green remodeling business, you can help homeowners increase their energy efficiency. Green remodeling also considers how materials are made and how they might affect the  health of the homeowner. Creative use of materials that would otherwise be disposed at a dump is also an opportunity.
  • Green Cleaning. There is a high demand for cleaning homes and buildings without toxic chemicals that are influencing people’s health and are bad for the environment.
  • Waste management consultant. Helping businesses to manage the waste they produce more efficiently means helping them save money. As a waste management consultant you are basically helping your client companies to increase their profits, and that should be the base for marketing your services. There is no business that would not accept the opportunity to save money on recycling and waste.

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