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VMware VSphere 5 for Cloud Hosted Infrastructure

Cloud Computing and Virtualization products and solutions giant VMware recently launched its upgraded, advanced and all-encompassing set of advancements into VSphere, an operating system and platform for developing, deploying, hosting and managing virtualization solutions and services.

VMware VSphere enables organizations of all sizes to deploy their business and operational applications on VMware Cloud, operated by their proprietary cloud-centered VSphere platform and well supported by VMware suite of hosted Infrastructure & Virtualization management applications to achieve operational efficiency, performance improvement and business agility.

VMware VSphere 5 platform with its feature rich components empowers organizations to take control of their IT Infrastructure, increasing the management, expectancy and efficiency of resources through capacity management, Disaster Recovery automation and performance management features. VMware Hosted Cloud Servers and VMware Hosted Desktop images can be monitored from a centralized management console, depicting the current, past and future resource state, recommendations on optimizing the overall capacity by powering off/switching unused cloud compute resources, balancing it among resource hungry hosted cloud appliances and with future prediction of capacity requirements.

VMware Cloud Hosted Infrastructure also features VMware VCentre Site Recovery Manager, a one window central management component for disaster recovery and business continuity. VCentre Site Recovery protects and migrates all virtualized applications, including hosted VMware Images, to a secure recovery site or onto another VMware Hosted Cloud in case of disaster.

VCentre can create RPO from few minutes to a complete day and performs replication of only the updated or edited data to improve network performance. VMware VCentre AppSpeed is another business critical component which regularly monitors and evaluates performance metrics across all the applications hosted on VMware Cloud. The reports generated by VCentre AppSpeed help system administrators in measuring the system performance and necessary suggestions into fine-tuning the virtualized infrastructure to achieve service levels.

VMware VSphere version 5 promises improved usability of computing resources, better management of storage capacity levels and calculated resource allocation over all the VMware Hosted Images, Servers and Clouds. With its cloud focused features and components, VSphere is a complete platform for virtualization, specifically VMware Hosting, providing optimum performances for VMware Clouds.

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