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SAP Brings Predictive Analytics Across the Organization

SAP SE has announced the general availability of the 2.0 version of SAP® Predictive Analytics software, bringing predictive analytics to the entire organization’s business users, business analysts and data scientists through its simplicity, ease of use and productivity. Combining the functionality of SAP Predictive Analysis software and the SAP InfiniteInsight® solution, the new software version helps empower a broad spectrum of users to spot opportunities in real time, make fast and accurate predictions and act with confidence at the point of decision.

SAP Predictive Analytics provides an integrated approach to predictive analytics that helps organizations uncover trends and patterns from Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT) and existing SAP and third-party data sources. The software gives companies better insights in real time that help increase understanding of customer behavior, improve response to customers, and deliver tangible business value – ultimately driving profitability for organizations.

The 2.0 version of SAP Predictive Analytics helps users predict and act in real time instead of relying on batch processes, thus enabling real-time promotions and assisting with fraud detection, risk mitigation, revenue optimization and customer retention with features that include:

>Data preparation: Helps automate data preparation without the need for code.
  • Advanced visualization:
    Combines data manipulation with engaging advanced visualizations and integrates and analyzes data from a variety of enterprise and personal sources.
  • Data modeler: Provides a modelling environment for both business analysts and data scientists with predictive analytics to help automate the building of sophisticated predictive models for all data-mining functions. The expert analysis allows data scientists to build powerful predictive models using the R programming language as well as high-performance algorithms in the SAP HANA® platform and third-party environments.
  • Scorer: Displays graphically the individual variable contribution to the model, which helps to select the most important variables for explaining a given business question. Models can be applied directly in a simulation mode for a single input data set predicting the score for an individual business question in real time.
  • Model management: Helps drive workforce productivity with predictive model management solutions that empower business users to ask more what-if questions and get answers faster. The software supports the ability to schedule model refreshes, address a real-time need for scoring and manage business models across an enterprise.
  • Network and link analysis: Gives users the ability to explore the links between their customers and network of social influencers with analytics. It helps them create graphs for various types of product or entity associations, enabling advanced personalization so companies can create offers to enhance customer loyalty.
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