BizCloud Selects OrionVM Wholesale Cloud Platform to Expand Cloud Offering

OrionVM®, a leading provider of wholesale Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and next-generation cloud technology, and BizCloud® Inc., a leading edge provider of cloud IaaS solutions, announced today that BizCloud has entered into a reseller partnership agreement with OrionVM. OrionVM’s Wholesale Cloud Platform will power enterprise-grade cloud solutions offered by BizCloud. This collaboration enables BizCloud to extend its current service offerings, expand into new verticals, and deliver increased value to existing clients.

“We serve a growing array of customers worldwide, and we wanted to offer the latest in cloud technology to address where the market is headed. Because we’re making an offensive play, we needed to get to market quickly, with an easy-to-use, efficient and well-supported product. We were extremely impressed by OrionVM’s new approach to cloud architecture, full reseller capabilities, and unmatched cost efficiencies,” said Vahid Razavi, Founder and CEO of BizCloud. “This partnership allows us to offer greater value and performance to our business customers, as well as to expand into new markets with a high-performing, enterprise-grade wholesale cloud IaaS suite.”

Through OrionVM, BizCloud is able to deliver world-class cloud at a remarkably lower cost because of efficiencies enabled by using components commonly found in supercomputers, such as Mellanox’s Infiniband® interconnect. OrionVM’s breakthrough technology and fully distributed architecture empowers service providers (MSPs, SIs, VARs and telcos alike) to deliver an optimum cloud competency with rapid time-to-market minus the hurdle of any capital expenditure. OrionVM earned the backing of tech luminary Gordon Bell, and is well-positioned to completely disrupt the market by providing enterprise-class cloud infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of incumbent vendors.

“We see our platform, and wholesale cloud in general, as the game-changing third option for companies trapped between the massive CapEx and complexity of building their own solution versus the limited features and extreme scaling costs of public retailers such as Amazon. Now IT providers, like BizCloud, can brand and offer enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure at a lower cost than the leading incumbent options, and still make a profit. OrionVM not only passes along a huge pricing advantage for channel partners, we also enable these partners to provide the best performing, most reliable cloud IT on the market to their end-users – so everybody wins,” said Sheng Yeo, OrionVM Co-Founder and CEO. “Next-generation cloud is the freedom and flexibility to fit a cloud platform to your business model and unique operational requirements, not force them into a predetermined box, which typically occurs when using any of the competing traditional approaches.”

BizCloud has helped organizations worldwide build scalable, robust and agile IT infrastructures with BizCloud private, hybrid and public cloud offerings. BizCloud partners with leading information technology and infrastructure providers to offer comprehensive, best-of-breed solutions to its customers. Through the partnership with OrionVM, BizCloud will broaden its cloud solutions portfolio to offer complete, enterprise ready cloud solutions with unrivaled price-performance ratios.

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