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This Year’s Tech Supports Your Sales Efforts

Technology and sales are almost inseparable these days. Salespeople are constantly on the go and need tools to help them connect with their team, access vital data and present their pitches to potential clients. So, what tech tools does your sales team need? Keep reading to find out.

Wearable Tech
One of the newest communicative technologies is the Samsung Gear S smartwatch, which has all of the functionality of your smartphone. This device links your sales team into the larger infrastructure of your business by giving them real time access to calendars, documents and emails. With a little clever app work, they can even log into shared printers and deliver official papers all from their watch. This gadget is perfect for traveling salespeople because it can go everywhere with them without the risk of being lost or forgotten.

Your sales team needs a computer everywhere they go. This is a simple fact of revenue building. These men and women are the face of your products in the real world, and the technology they carry not only keeps them connected to your business, but also reflects on the quality of your organization.

Not all laptops are the same. Large, bulky and underpowered systems can cost you a client. This is why Samsung introduced its ultralight, super powerful Ativ Book 9 Plus at CES this year. This 13-inch computer packs a lot of power into its slim body, which weighs a little less than two pounds. This makes the laptop more portable, and with 11 hours of battery life, you won’t have to worry about your computer shutting down in the middle of a presentation.

Rugged Storage
Data storage is a huge issue, especially for a mobile sales team. Large data files cannot be easily downloaded at a local coffee shop or transported from device to device. This can cost you potential clients if you can’t show them your sales pitch in a timely manner. So, for times when your people need a lot of storage, consider using a large portable storage device, such as LaCie’s Rugged RAID 4-terabyte model that is water, dust and impact resistant. This storage unit is designed to be dropped up to five feet and withstand one ton of pressure. This means that if your salesperson accidentally drops it or even runs it over with a car, there would be no damage to the valuable data inside.

Brainstorming Tools
Although this year’s CES showcased a plethora of great tech tools for businesses, one that stood out was the SMART Kapp. This digital white board turns your sales meeting into an interactive and digitally retrievable multi-system workspace. Anything written on this dry-erase board is electronically captured so that your remote team members can see it in real time. They can view this information on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. And most importantly, the system is HTTPS secured so you do not need to worry about the information being seen by the wrong people. Using the Kapp system lets your sales team be involved in the company’s strategy without needing to bring them in from the field.

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