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  Digital Rights and Human Rights are under attack. Join NSAComedy.com for our 11th year anniversary marking community support and grassroots activism as it relates to privacy and human rights. Please join NoEthicsInBigTech.com for this year’s NSAComedy.com event. As the United States congress is working to erode our basic rights to privacy and security in the digital age under section 702 and global conflicts rage across the world, join this online free event on May 16th 2024. Join the conversation with human rights organizations, digital rights and peace activists from around the world discussing our inept leaders and big tech corporations that undermine our digital rights and freedom.As in previous years, we aim to unite on our shared human values and basic fundamental human rights as our rights are under attack in the US and around the globe. We hope you will be inspired, entertained and rejuvenated in defending basic rights and values that we are all entitled to regardless of our differences.This year’s presenters will include the role of surveillance state, impact of technology companies in undermining our digital security, current genocide in the Holy Land and the nuclear arms race.We will end the evening with comedy as we laugh at powers at be and
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