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Partner Program Offers Kaspersky Lab Resellers Opportunities for Profit and Growth

Kaspersky Lab North America has announced significant enhancements to its reseller Partner Program, increasing its investment and commitment to its U.S. and Canadian reseller partners. The enhanced program offers not only increased opportunities for profit and growth, but a world-class ecosystem of tools, incentives and support to help partners stand out in today’s competitive security industry.

It’s no secret that the IT security landscape currently faces significant challenges: sophisticated attacks and complex cyberespionage campaigns targeting corporations are becoming all too frequent. In response to the changing threat landscape, resellers must provide their customers with a security solution that is easy to implement and manage but doesn’t compromise on quality and efficacy. At the same time, they must invest in a Partner Program that promises profitability and a deep commitment from the security solution vendor. A partnership with Kaspersky Lab delivers superior margins, rewards and support with market – leading security solutions that will attract, retain and protect customers.

The newly enhanced program is a direct result of feedback received from partners and is designed with their needs in mind. The framework of the program will be based on a tiered structure and consists of Registered, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers. The key program advantages include:

  • 100% Partner Focus: All Kaspersky Lab business products are sold through partners. That means the entire program was developed specifically to respond to their needs. Kaspersky Lab continues to build on this focus by launching the Partner Demand Center as part of the new program where partners will have access content and ready-to-go marketing campaigns that can easily be co-branded and executed to drive leads directly back to them.
  • Exceptional Profit & Growth: Kaspersky Lab continues to invest heavily in partners through lucrative deal registration and incentive programs, helping them to surpass their sales goals with MDF, leads and joint business planning. Under the new program, partners have the ability to achieve up to 50 percent margins and will be rewarded with additional incentives beyond that, including the addition of a new Partner Loyalty Program that rewards the owners of VAR and MSP partners for all sales on an ongoing basis.
  • Comprehensive Partner Team: Partners will continuously benefit from expert assistance from a highly responsive and comprehensive team of channel account managers, sales engineers and Kaspersky Lab expert marketing professionals. Additionally, a new feature of the program allows Platinum Partners to receive joint business planning on a quarterly basis; Gold Partners on an annual basis. Joint business planning further enables partners to drive even more sales.
  • Award-Winning Products: In January 2015 for the fourth consecutive year, Gartner named Kaspersky Lab a “Leader” in the Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Solutions. Kaspersky Lab gives customers the power to protect what matters most to them. More than 270,000 organizations and 400 million users around the world trust Kaspersky Lab’s top-rated security solutions.
  • This program is the new standard so partners can be confident in their investment with Kaspersky Lab. Partners should contact their Kaspersky Lab channel account manager or visit the Partner Portal for more program details.

    Cloud Computing

    Wipro Launches Boundary Less Data Center Solution

    Wipro Ltd. has announced the launch of a Boundary Less Data Center Solution (BLDC), based upon a software-defined data center architecture, powered by VMware, a leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility. This solution enables enterprises to be competitive by reducing time to market, driving business agility and scale.

    The Boundary Less Data Center offering is based on an innovative IT transformational approach that is workload centric, software-defined, and hyper resilient. This helps enterprises to extend the capabilities of their traditional enterprise data centers into a scalable hybrid IT. BLDC offers transformative analytics to gain insights from enterprise assets and workloads, evaluates IT resiliency and provides a technology blueprint to maximize the business value of IT investments for customers. Wipro’s industrialized workload migration approach coupled with its ServiceNXT™, next generation integrated Managed Services framework for Hybrid IT makes the transformation journey easy for its customers.

    In collaboration with its ecosystem of partners, Wipro will build industrialized repeatable solutions based on the standard reference architectures and cloud blueprints for enterprises and new workloads on the next generation data center architecture.

    The reference architecture will include virtualized compute, networking and storage utilizing VMware vSphere®, VMware NSX™, VMware Virtual SAN™ and VMware vRealize™ Suite.

    Wipro currently offers this service from its data centers in the US and Europe, and from its customers’ on-premises data centers, with a roadmap to launch this service in emerging geographies later this year. Wipro’s customers will have access to run use cases and proof of concepts from the Wipro Centers of Excellence in India and USA.

    “Boundary Less Data Center is a new paradigm which helps enterprises accelerate their IT transformation. This offering will enable organizations to scale Data Center capabilities beyond the traditional IT boundaries to achieve the right business outcomes, and that is very exciting,” said G K Prasanna Chief Executive, Global Infrastructure Services, Wipro Limited.

    “VMware has a strong relationship with Wipro, which spans multiple VMware technologies. Our partnership is further strengthened with Wipro’s next generation services around the Boundary Less Data Center, which is designed to empower customers to experience the agility and flexibility benefits of the software-defined data center,” said Todd Surdey, Vice President, Strategic Alliances and Emerging Partners, VMware.

    Tech Events

    NetSuite Announces SuiteWorld 2015

    NetSuite Inc. has announced the details of its SuiteWorld 2015 conference, slated to be an epic gathering of NetSuite customers, solution providers, ISV partners, and industry thought leaders. More than 7,000 attendees are expected to attend, coming together to inspire, connect with one another and to share their business vision, transformation success stories and best practices for getting the most out of NetSuite.

    “NetSuite’s worldwide community of customers and partners continues to expand rapidly as more and more organizations realize successful business transformation thanks to the power of the NetSuite single unified cloud,” said Zach Nelson, NetSuite CEO. “SuiteWorld 2015 is our chance to celebrate our customer and partner success and to share their stories and best practices which have helped drive the ongoing growth of cloud ERP and omnichannel commerce around the globe. We’re looking forward to another stellar event.”

    SuiteWorld 2015 will be held at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, California, May 4-7. For registration and additional details, visit www.netsuitesuiteworld.com. To join the SuiteWorld conversation on Twitter, use #NSW15.

    This year’s conference features:

    Fast growth companies sharing their successes with NetSuite. Examples of some fast growing NetSuite customers include DocuSign, Hortonworks, MongoDB, and Zendesk.
    More than 200 dedicated and interactive breakout sessions to offer attendees prime opportunities to learn how NetSuite customers are driving real-world success through the transformative power of cloud computing.
    An impressive line-up of 100+ NetSuite partners and sponsors showcasing their products and services at the SuiteWorld expo where deals get done and connections are made.
    NetSuite will showcase its products, customers and partners throughout the conference. SuiteWorld provides cloud innovators with the opportunity to learn from experts and their peers, share insights, network face-to-face and contribute to the continued global growth of cloud ERP and omnichannel commerce.
    In addition, NetSuite customers can receive Pre-Conference Training on May 3-4 from trainers with a combined 100 years of NetSuite training experience, providing hands-on, in-person instruction across a range of topics and audiences, from new users or new partners to seasoned NetSuite administrators or developers. Attendees can also prepare for and take NetSuite certification exams over the two-day period. For more information, visit the Pre-Conference Training page.

    Big Data

    When Big Data and the Cloud Team up for Marketing

    Knowledge really is power when it comes to marketing, and businesses can use big data to learn more about their customers than ever before. However, getting the right infrastructure and expertise to use big data effectively can seem like a challenge for businesses. That’s where the Cloud comes in. The Cloud offers businesses of all sizes, from multi-nationals right down to tiny startups, a more cost effective and often more user friendly way to use big data. So just how do the Cloud and big data work together?

    Big Data Offers Valuable Insights
    As the following article shows, there’s no doubt that big data and marketing go hand-in-hand. Big data offers businesses the chance to gain detailed insights into customer behavior and desires. Those insights can be used to make a noticeable difference to the success of their products and services. Say for example a business wants to increase the effectiveness of their social media strategy.

    By analyzing the available big data, they could learn:

    What their customers are talking about on social media
    Their customers’ social media habits, including when they log on, how often and for how long;
    Which kinds of content generate the most likes or shares;
    What kind of offers or contests attract the most interest;
    Whether using social media for promotion leads to increased sales.
    All of this information could be used to refine their social media strategy to get better results by giving their customers what they want. Big data has a myriad of uses, from sales to customer opinions, to which problems customers want solved and predicting future trends. Big data offers businesses massive amounts of information, among which are hidden the kind of treasures that can help a business stand out from its competitors.

    Cloud Offers Flexibility
    One thing big data doesn’t usually offer is flexibility. A business owner considering using big data could understandably get caught up in just how they’re going to harvest, store and manage all that data. That’s where the Cloud and big data play well together. Cloud-based big data solutions offer businesses a way of handling big data that is light on infrastructure and hardware, and high on flexibility and scalability.

    There’s no need for a business to house the physical hardware to handle big data, as the Cloud service has already taken care of that. Using a Cloud-based service to handle big data also means a business can scale up and down as needed. If they need to run large queries over the short term, and then scale back again, they can. That means using big data just got more cost effective.

    Bridging the Big Data Gap
    For businesses who want to embrace big data but feel overwhelmed by the practicalities of analyzing it, the Cloud can help to bridge that gap. Although planning out what needs to be analyzed and how best to source and sort that data is still very important, planning big data analysis in the cloud isn’t quite as daunting as planning it on site.

    When it comes to analyzing the data, Cloud-based applications are frequently designed with user-friendliness in mind; offering easy to use control panels and clear, easy to understand reporting. Businesses who want to make better use of big data should find that by shopping around they’ll be able to find a Cloud-bases solution that meets their needs. The Cloud has the potential to make big data more accessible without compromising on the quality of the insights, making big data and the Cloud a partnership that businesses of all sizes can benefit from.

    About the Author: Tristan Anwyn writes on a wide variety of topics, including social media, branding, big data and Cloud applications.


    BizCloud® Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments for Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA—May 14, 2014— BizCloud® Inc., a leading edge provider of cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, announced today that it will begin accepting Bitcoin payments with BitPay starting May 15, 2014. BizCloud will accept the world’s most-used cryptocurrency Bitcoin as payment method for its public, hybrid, and private cloud infrastructure solutions. With this move, BizCloud becomes one of the first cloud computing providers to join the Bitcoin ecosystem.

    Since its inception, BizCloud has been focused on technology and cloud innovations to assist businesses. With the decision to accept Bitcoin payments, the company is further demonstrating its ability to stay at the forefront of technology and willingness to support the free market by playing a role in a new digital economy. Unlike traditional payment methods, Bitcoin is used globally without any restrictions, enabling BizCloud to better serve existing customers and further extend its global client base.

    “We decided to accept Bitcoins to give both our domestic and international customers a quick and effortless alternative payment option, but also to support the technology that we believe will disrupt the financial industry in the coming years,” said Vahid Razavi, Founder and CEO of BizCloud. “Considering our role in the cloud computing space and our commitment to provide industry-leading technology to our customers, Bitcoin was a natural fit.”

    With Bitcoin, BizCloud’s customers now have a fast, secure and private way to purchase its cloud infrastructure solutions from the bizcloud.net site. Near instantaneous peer-to-peer transactions, with no intermediary banks or transaction fees, make Bitcoin a viable international payments alternative for the company’s global client base.

    BizCloud has chosen BitPay, the leading Bitcoin payment processor, to provide its customers the most reliable means of transacting Bitcoin payments on its website. BizCloud.net accepts Bitcoin payments for all Cloud Infrastructure Solutions (BizCloud Private Cloud, BizCloud Hybrid Cloud, and BizCloud Public Cloud) without any additional cost. The prices will be calculated according to the current Bitcoin rate at the time of purchase.

    Follow BizCloud on Twitter (@BizCloud) and Facebook (http://Facebook.com/BizCloud) for the latest updates.

    About BizCloud®:

    Based in San Francisco, California, with offices in Europe and Asia, BizCloud® is focused on technology and cloud innovations to assist businesses. BizCloud has mastered the art of integrated delivery alliances of cloud computing infrastructure, BPM platforms, business applications and service delivery organizations to deliver large inclusive customer outcomes for business owners. To learn more, please visit http://bizcloud.net/

    For press inquiries, please contact: marijana@bizcloud.net


    BizCloud® Joins Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network

    San Francisco, CA – Jun 4, 2014 – BizCloud® Inc., a leading edge provider of cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions, today announced that it has joined the Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network, the world’s largest ecosystem for commercial OpenStack deployments. Joining Red Hat’s OpenStack ecosystem represents a key step in BizCloud’s effort to provide its global customer base with the support they need to leverage the performance gains, flexibility and cost-savings of OpenStack for their cloud initiatives.

    BizCloud has helped organizations worldwide build scalable, robust and agile IT infrastructures, giving them the ability to leverage multiple cloud delivery models with BizCloud® Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud offerings. BizCloud collaborates with leading information technology and infrastructure providers to offer comprehensive, best-of-breed solutions to its customers. Most recently, BizCloud partnered with Cyber Innovation Labs, LLC (“CIL”) to provide BizCloud-in-a-Vault, a private cloud solution specifically architected for delivery of mission critical applications and services – a fully turn-key, secure, and compliant solution hosted at one of CIL’s enhanced Tier-3 resilient data centers. CIL has adopted NEC’s Nblock technologies, an enterprise-class, resilient, and highly scalable server, storage, and network platform for powering service delivery with SLA’s exceeding 99.99% uptime. In the future, BizCloud plans to certify its private cloud infrastructure solutions with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

    The Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network connects both business and technical resources to third-party technology companies who are aligning with Red Hat’s OpenStack-based product offerings. Since the launch of the program in April 2013, hundreds of industry leading companies have joined Red Hat’s OpenStack ecosystem, delivering commercially certified and supported OpenStack software, plug-ins, and hardware systems . The partners building these solutions work closely with Red Hat to offer customers an enterprise-ready and commercial-grade OpenStack infrastructure, with complementary technologies integrated across compute, networking and storage.

    “We are excited to be a part of the Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network and to contribute towards the increased enterprise adoption of OpenStack – the fastest growing open source project in the industry,” said Vahid Razavi, CEO and Founder, BizCloud.

    “We’re pleased to have BizCloud join us in the Red Hat OpenStack Cloud Infrastructure Partner Network,” said Mike Werner, senior director, Global Ecosystems, Red Hat. “To help customers get the most out of Red Hat’s OpenStack based offerings and our open hybrid cloud solutions, we work closely with technology companies such as BizCloud that provide powerful and complementary solutions. We look forward to continued collaboration with BizCloud as a key member of Red Hat’s OpenStack ecosystem.”

    Follow BizCloud® on Twitter (@BizCloud) and Facebook (http://Facebook.com/BizCloud) for the latest updates.

    About BizCloud®:

    Based in San Francisco, California, with offices in Europe and Asia, BizCloud® is focused on technology and cloud innovations to assist businesses. BizCloud has mastered the art of integrated delivery alliances of cloud computing infrastructure, BPM platforms, business applications and service delivery organizations to deliver large inclusive customer outcomes for business owners. To learn more, please visit www.bizcloud.net

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